"Constitutional Culture" International Analitical Center

Non-commercial and non-membership organization created on voluntary contributions of assets of individuals and (or) legal persons to pursue scientific, educational and social goals.


The Entrepreneurial Activities

The foundation shall carry out entrepreneurial activities only in the cases when it corresponds and/or serves the accomplishment of its statutory goals. The foundation may carry out entrepreneurial activities directly, or it may create commercial organizations or participate in them. The types of entrepreneurial activities carried out by the Foundation (including directly) shall be prescribed by the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Through the commercial organizations, the foundation carries out business activity in the spheres of production, services and maintenance of entrepreneurial activities (elaboration of research, legal and business projects, leasing of premises, equipment and techniques, as well as organization of training courses) directly linked with scientific and educational activities.

The profit received as a result of entrepreneurial activity of the Foundation is used for the achievement of the statutory goals.