"Constitutional Culture" International Analitical Center

Non-commercial and non-membership organization created on voluntary contributions of assets of individuals and (or) legal persons to pursue scientific, educational and social goals.


Legal Status

1. At the point of state registration, the Foundation receives the status of a legal person and enjoys all rights and bears relevant duties for legal persons prescribed by law. The Foundation acts perpetually. 

2. The Foundation has its separated property which is accounted in its own balance, in its name it may acquire property and exercise property and individual non-property rights, bear duties and appear in court as a plaintiff/or defendant.

3. The foundation is entitled to open bank accounts in the Republic of Armenia and in the banks of foreign states in AMD and/or foreign currency in the manner prescribed by law.

4. In conformity with its Charter the Foundation possesses, uses and disposes its property based on the property right. 

5. The Board of Trustees may amend the Charter of the Foundation in accordance with the manner prescribed by this Charter.

6. The Foundation shall be responsible for the duties by the property based on the property right. The Foundation shall not be liable for the Founders’ duties, and the Founders shall not be liable for the Foundation’s duties.